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[Video - the inside of a small house. There’s various dragon-type digimon milling about and its kind of noisy, but there’s a human boy sitting at a table, looking through a backpack that is presumably his. There’s a few things scattered on the table - a camera, some books, a few clothes. Some one else is holding his D-Comm currently.]

Smile for the camera, Daira!

I don’t want to smile...

Aw... I was trying to see if I could do anything like yours...


Your pictures! You’re really good!

[Daira looks up, glancing down at an open photo portfolio for a second as though he forgot he even had it sitting there. He goes back to what he was doing.]

Oh. You’re not gonna get a picture with a mobile.

I’m not? Darn. Maybe you can teach me on your camera?

[again, he stops, making a face that’s somewhere between sad and angry]

It was a gift from Papi... I don’t want anyone touching it...

Oh. Sorry... we should try looking for them.

We should. [he looks up, tilting his head curiously] That’s... got a camera on it, right?


… I think it’s recording video, Kairi.

... … oops! I hit the wrong button! Oh well, say something! You’re new here, you should introduce yourself!

[Daira rolls his eyes a little, reaching out to grab the comm. He looks at it for a few seconds before speaking.]

I’m looking for my parents... something bad happened to them and I wanna find them. Their names are Darten Voluge and Hiroyuki Morimoto. If anyone has seen them... please tell me...

[his eyes well up with tears again, and he quickly hands the comm back to his partner, hiding his face with his arm]

T-turn it off...


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This is a general HMD for an Original Character from an original universe - Daira Gillespie from Pareidolia Omniverse for [ profile] digital_dive .

As he is an original character of my creation, I'm not too worried about characterization, but as always critique is welcomed and desired. Be nice, no flames, the usual.
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"This is Daira..."

"And Kairi!"

"Leave a message. Thanks."
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Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- [ profile] jenioctavia

Email address-

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia

Character, series- Daira Cameron Gillespie, Paredolia Omniverse (original character/series)

Character journal- [ profile] draw_with_light

Character type- Secondary - has a fairly minor part during the second generation arc near the end

Digimon partner- Babydmon -> Dracomon -> Coredramon -> Groundramon

D-Comm colours/symbol-

Imported from another RP?- No.

Character appearance- Daira is small for his age, with messy brown hair that he dislikes getting cut, big clear blue-gray eyes and a round face. His PB will be actor Arran Thomas.


Character age- 8 (birthday: March 15th, Year 98)

History ect )


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